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Marketing A/B-Landing or Quiz-pack

Landing page for lead fishing. Website development based on your target audience needs. 7-14 days.

700 USD.

Marketing Funnel 

Automation via messengers.
5 steps to make your leads HOT! 15 days.

1000 USD.

Basic corporate website

Up to 10 pages website. Custom adoptive design,

Laravel + VueJs Frameworks. 

> 700 USD.


Custom illustrations, animations, any functionality. Stylish and unique. Laravel + VueJs Frameworks. Admin panel. Custom adoptive design. 

> 1500 USD.

It's useless to argue with them 'bout marketing.
They'll win anyway.

Why Mad Web?

Skills list

We will develop a corporate identity / use yours, draw a prototype and a modern unique design;

We will write unique texts for the site and its sections in any language, collect the semantic core and fill the texts with key SEO queries;

We will perform adaptive layout layouts for 4 types of devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone, PC);

We implement any technical processes from the TOR from application forms to integration with popular and self-written services;

Do not forget about compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the country in which you do business;

We will take care of the fight against hackers and spam in advance;

Install analytical counters and pixels;

We will help with the development of the video;

We will help you select photos and retouch them;


We will buy a domain name in any zone;

We will set up your servers or help you purchase reliable hosting;

Deploy mail servers with your domain name;

We will take care of regular backup copies of the site so that everything can be easily returned if one day someone accidentally clicks something and the site “breaks itself”;

We organize work in social networks and set up a bot in the auto funnel;

We will develop lead magnets and pdf presentations;


We will translate your site into any language;

We will teach your employee how to manage the site;

We will draw printing materials and send them to print;
We will study the target audience in detail and put the right meanings into the text
We will help you to decide on the tasks;
We will suggest ideas and help outline the concept of the site;
We will form you a white blank commercial template;
We will participate in a conference call with your partners, manager and investors, answer questions and ask our own;
We will prepare a contract in the form that suits you best;
We will thoroughly study your niche and the offers of dozens of competitors;
We will write/finish/rewrite technical requirements for your web-project;
We will take care of high client usability;

We will help you launch advertising on any platform;

Portfolio random 9:

We have more than 100 completed projects. Some of them are DNA, most of them we can show in work.


Частые вопросы:


Leave your contacts, we will look at the works that you like and understand which other of our works you should show.

P.s.: Works, first of all, should be liked by target site visitors - potential customers. Secondly, their owner.

Any third group of people should not like them.


The backbone of the team has been working together for about 10 years.


Mad Web - Make a difference.
Saint-Petersburg, since 2009.